Support the Artists and the Balladeers

Calling all butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, craft beer makers, movers, and shakers! The musical acts that perform at the QCB’s ArtSong summer concert series do so for free. To show our appreciation, each and every ArtSong musician is given a swag bag of goodies after the show.

We need contributions for the 2015 swag bags. If you are a maker who’d like to donate items or a retailer who’d like to donate gift certificates, your contribution is welcome! Please contact Chris Bieri via the her link on the Contact Us  page for more information about this opportunity to show the ArtSong performers our love and appreciation!

You can also support the Balladeers — and particularly the summer concerts — by becoming a sponsor. We offer four levels.

  • The Seeger Level: $500 and above
  • The Leadbelly Level: $250 to $499
  • The Guthrie Level: $100 to $249
  • The Stephen Foster Level: $50 to $99

Summer Success

Our summer programs – ArtSong and KidSong – were great successes.

At KidSong, more than 40 participants and volunteers joined forces to explore the joy of simple do-it-yourself music. Read (and see) more here. 

On August 1, ArtSong wrapped up another great season of music. Thanks to all the performers, the Cincinnati Art Museum for providing space, and ArtsWave for helping with funding.

At the final concert of the season, Stan Boric, Queen City Balladeer member and occasional Leo performer, held the winning ticket for the Deering Goodtime Openback banjo.  Stan, an accomplished guitarist, said after he masters the banjo he plans to teach his grandchildren to play.

The Balladeers sold 326 raffle tickets and raised $1,375.00.  Proceeds support the Queen City Balladeers’ mission to promote acoustic music in its many forms.

Much thanks to Nonie Muller and Linda Eads, the QCB volunteers in charge of ticket sales.

Also, our deepest gratitude goes to the Deering Banjo Company for donating this wonderful banjo.  We applaud your support of the Queen City Balladeers, American-made music, and American-made instruments!

Summer Jam at Sharon Woods

The summer jams continue at Sharon Woods, starting at 6 p.m. and ending when the park closes. These are self-organized — that is, organized by the participants themselves, and are not an official Balladeer event.

The jammers meet near the Pavilion Grove Shelter, located at the Sharon Centre parking lot, which is the second drive on your left after you enter the park from Route 42. There is a playground and picnic area there as well.There is a $10 charge per car for an annual park sticker.

Click the thumbnail image above to open or download a map of Sharon Woods with the Pavilion Grove Shelter highlighted.

Mt. Healthy Festival Seeking Musicians

Celebrate Mt. Healthy, an annual fall festival, is looking for musicians. The organization in charge is needs enough musicians for three locations that would provide music all day. The date of the festival is Saturday, September 13, 2014.

Anyone interested please contact Sandy Young at Skyoung513 (at)yahoo.com or R. Rissel at Rrissel(at)mthealthy.org

(In order to avoid spam, we have modified the emails. You will have to change the (at) into an @

Get the Cool Gear Now

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Buy cool Queen City Balladeers merchandise — hats and shirts — embroidered with the QCB logo for you and all your friends.

Start your shopping spree here.

Spread the Word About the Balladeers

You can be on the Balladeers “Street Team” and help spread the word about who we are and what we do.

To learn more about helping to promote the Balladeers (with some links to information about using social media to promote anything) click Help Market the Queen City Balladeers.

Queen City Balladeers Board for 2014-2015

Officers for the 2014-2015 Leo Season were elected at the season-ending potluck.

This year’s board is:

President: Pete Armstrong
Vice-president: Chris Bieri
Vice-president: Chuck Black
Treasurer: Bev Hansen
Historian: Dennis Iverson
Secretary: Nonie Muller

The board is responsible for all financial decisions and for setting the direction for the Balladeers for the year in which the officers serve. The board year begins in September, with the opening of the club, and ends the following year when the club opens and a new board is installed.

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