Sunday at the Leo: September 18, 2011

On a night when pretty much nothing went as planned, everything came out all right.

For example: Chip Roop, who was scheduled to play the second set, had to cancel. Fortunately, he was able to inform us last week, and we were able to book in an excellent replacement act, ALDWIN, comprised of Greg Hansen, Sr, Greg Hansen Jr. and Eric Bates. ALDWIN, which is (we were informed) a Celtic word meaning “old friend,” entertained us with a nice mix of original music, cover tunes, and even a classical piece featuring Eric on violin.

The open mic players included:

  • Mike Mansfield, who did an avant garde piece based on a Latin American folk tune.
  • Mike Flanders (of the band Hawaiian Shirt Night),  who covered a tune about “going to Cincinnati where they eat fried food.”  Mike said this tune was one of the canal songs of Captain Pearl R. Nye.  Mike also performed a Jimmy Rogers tune from the ‘30s, Brakeman’s Blues – and got us all yodeling along with him.
  • Robin Roland, who played us a couple of originals, one of them about a guy offering to be a “worry stone” for a lonely girl he met while walking on the beach. (At least, that’s my interpretation.)
  •  Ed Stapleton, accompanied by Tom Laskey on lead guitar, who covered a Kinky Friedman tune about the Wild Man from Borneo and James McMurtry’s “Leveland. “

Ed and Tom playing together is another example of the way the QCB community works. Ed, invited by volunteer coordinator Pete Armstrong, started showing up last year. Not sure, but I think he first just came to watch and listen, then started kind of tentatively playing in the jam circle, then became a regular at the jam. Now he’s progressed to performer, with another Balladeer helping out. All this has happened before, and all this will happen again. (A fabulous QCB no-prize to the first one to email’s me at with the correct Pop Culture reference for this sentence. A second fabulous no-prize to the person who emails me with the Pop Culture reference for the term no-prize.)

Our feature set was scheduled to be the most amazing young duo, Noah Wotherspoon and Jessi Blair. An unfortunate and unintended scheduling error had Spencer Funk, the emcee for the evening, scrambling a bit, but everything came out all right (as you may remember from the opening line sentence), with the following filling in:

  • Lenny and Linda Hall, with some nice harmonies and great song choices, such as “I’m Gonna Live Forever.”
  • Ellie Fabe, with an original, a cover of “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here You” (accompanied by Spencer) and an explanation of open tuning that you, well, you had to be there to appreciate.
  • Greg Hansen in a short solo set to end the evening that included a cover of Richard Thompson’s Beeswing.

Noah and Jessi will re-reschedule and appear at the Leo at a later date. 

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