Sunday at the Leo: September 11, 2011

September 11 was a perfect night for home-grown, do-it-yourself music at the Leo Coffeehouse.

There were (by my count) 11 folk at the Songwriters’ Collaborative. I am sure the jammers had a good crowd and a good time.

The audience was first treated to the music of a Side of Taylors – or a Side O’Taylors as Bruce at the front door dubbed ‘em on the welcome sign. As noted by esteemed Emcee Papa Joe, theTaylors are more like a full entrée than a side. Good harmonies, good song choices from an up-and-coming family band.

Chris Collier, the second set performer, is a long-time Balladeer favorite. She writes and sings highly personal songs that have universal appeal and connects herself and her songs to the audience through her stories about each song.  Chris’s set included an older tune that is one my personal favorites – Galaxie 500 – and a newer song that was perfect for a day of reflection – What a Surprise.

What’s a surprise is not that we won’t get there
Nor that everybody will
It’s that time is just a notion
And we’re never standing still.

Lagniappe — the city’s only Cajun, New Orleans jazz, gypsy band — finished off the evening with a set of tunes that gave the audience Fidgety Feet. After all, the Leo’s here and the time is right for dancing in the seats.

Here’s what’s coming up in the next two weeks.


September 18, 2010
1ST SET (7PM) Open Mic
2ND SET (7:30PM)


Eric Bates, Greg Hansen Sr. & Greg Hansen Jr. team up and return to the Leo.

3RD SET (8:15PM)

Noah Wotherspoon & Jessi Bair

Noah is a remarkable young blues guitarist.  Combine that with the vocals of singer, songwriter and guitarist Jessi Bair and you get an emotional sensitivity and maturity beyond both their years combined!  A fave at this summer’s Edensong concerts.

September 25, 2010

Brandt & Brenda

Husband and wife duet, known locally at times as Wild Carrot’s “Roots Band”, bring their lovely duet tunes to the Leo sans carrots!

2ND SET (7:30PM)

Hawiian Shirt Night

“Songs of Food, Death, and Elvis.”  You have to see it to believe it…all while wearingHawaiian shirts!  Seriously!  The QCB’s own Mike Flanders is part of the band and encourages you to come dressed appropriately and be ready for a good time.

3RD SET (8:15PM)

Dylan Sneed

Texas-based singer-songwriter makes his Leo debut!  Dylan ill be giving a Songwriting Workshop at 5:30 PM before his performance at the Leo. 



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