Sunday at the Leo: October 3, 2010

Another good night at the Leo, although I missed the open mic. Lauren Houston is an impressive talent who has a nice following. Strong voice, good songwriting. The Rubber Knife Gang had some nice interactions with the audience while trading instruments and lead vocals. Very entertaining. Here’s a look at the next two weeks.

October 10, 2010
1ST SET (7PM) Dave Marcus A Leo debut!
2ND SET (7:30PM) Marc Cogman An independent singer-songwriter touring out of Los Angeles making his Leo debut!
3RD SET (8:15PM) The Sloes This acoustic folk-rock duo from Cincinnati returns!
October 17, 2010
1ST SET (7PM) Open Mic
2ND SET (7:30PM) Willow Morning These three women have joined together to create a unique and compelling sound that will make you stop, listen and want to join in!
3RD SET (8:15PM) Jamon Zeiler Guitar playing from a master luthier with great songwriting, singing and Native Am. flute.

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