Sunday at the Leo: November 20, 2011

Another ordinary extraordinary night at the Leo. I think I’ve used that line before, but it was again true.

The open mic performers were:

  • Stan Boric, who performed a couple of originals. I guess I waited to long and did not take good enough notes, but I do remember particularly enjoying the second song. It felt a little wistful to me.
  • Neil Harrell, both a performer and luthier, who gave use some tasty covers of “If You Could Read My Mind”  by Gordon Lightfoot and “If I Needed You” by Townes Van Zant.
  • Ed Stapleton, who  covered a Guy Clark tune and performed one an original about falling in love with a friend.  Ed was accompanied by Spencer Funk (who often is asked or offers to lend his talents with the guitar to open mic performers.) Ed does nice work.

Second-set performer Eric Loy dazzled the audience with some high-energy guitar work and his intriguing guitar-harp.

Third-set performers Noah Wotherspoon & Jessi Bair, as always, combined both high-energy blues-based guitar from Noah with some old-soul singing from Jessi, It’s always a pleasure to hear next generation acoustic music at the Leo.

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