Sunday at the Leo: January 8, 2012

There was a fine turnout for the Leo this night – about 20 for the Songwriters’ Collaborative, a full house of at least 65 in the main room for the evening show, 8 to 10 at the door jam and probably another 10 or more in the upstairs jam. It’s a fun place to be for the musical DIY crowd.  

The evening show began with a Moment in Thyme, a guitar-dulcimer duo who entertained the audience with a set if traditional and familiar folk tunes, including:

The second set featured the return of Mike Sylvester (a  Queen City Balladeer founding father and the first QCB president), his band, which included Bob Krantz (sp?) on bass and Mitch Maloney on fiddle, and special guest Jene Galvin. A couple of interesting items arose during the set:

    1. Jene is writing a personal essay about the Queen City Balladeers for Cincinnati Magazine.
    2. Several old Balladeers, including Mike and the band, Rob Reider, and Jerry Springer (yes, that Jerry Springer) are working on putting together a fund-raiser for the Union Terminal museum center. 

As we get the details on both, we will fill you in.

If you missed the show (or just want to reprise it), pretty much the whole set is up on YouTube:

The final performers for the evening, Hickory Robot, is another one of those bluegrass/folk/punk/blues/jazz/I-don’t’-know-what-to-call-em groups that tend to turn up at the Leo. Here’s a description from their web site. (It didn’t provide the original source)

Hickory Robot isn’t easy to categorize. On the surface, they appear to be a bluegrass quartet, and have a number of original songs that fit comfortably in that genre. A deeper listen, however, reveals those songs to be infused with hooks and arrangements more commonly found in pop and rock music. Most of their original material blends together seemingly disparate elements such as country, jazz, and even classical, into what ultimately sounds only like Hickory Robot music. 

On this night, they performed mostly songs from an upcoming CD.

You can find out more at their web site, their ReverbNation page, or their Facebook page,

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