Leo Coffeehouse soft reopening starting 11/7/2021

Dear Balladeers and Fellow Folk Music Enthusiasts,
With the colder weather starting, outdoor jams ending, and with the knowledge that 1) the number of COVID-19 cases have been dropping in our area, and 2) that most QCB members are fully vaccinated, the QCB Board has voted to open Leo Coffeehouse on a trial basis.
We are opening specifically to provide an opportunity and a venue for QCB members to play music together.  There will be no scheduled acts or open mic performances.  Eventually, we hope to get back to normal operations, but we don’t know when that will be.
Leo Coffeehouse reopening day is Sunday, November 7, 2021, from 5:30 PM-9:00 PM.
Reopening rules:
  1. Attendees are responsible for their decision to attend and for their own safety.
  1. All attendees must be fully vaccinated.  Proof of vaccinations is required.  To make this easier, we would prefer that each individual send a photo, or scanned image, of your official vaccination card by email to queencityballadeers@gmail.com.  If you are unable to do this via email, your vaccination card can be checked at the door.  A list of vaccinated members will be maintained.  Once you have provided proof of vaccination, your name will be put on the list and you won’t be required to show your card again.  Images of vaccination cards will be deleted from our computer once your name is added to the list.
  1. Until further notice, masks are required for all participants while attending Leo Coffeehouse.
  1. Drinks and snacks will not be provided. Zion is currently remodeling and making repairs to the kitchen.  It will not be available for our use.
  1. We have five rooms available for our use at Zion.  To provide ample room for social distancing, we have assigned occupancy limits to each room (with combined maximum of 50 people).  Available rooms include:
    Founders Hall:  15 people
    Sanctuary:  6 to 9 people
    Conference Room:  6 to 8 people
    Herbster Hall (upstairs):  8 to 10 people
    Small Room (upstairs):  6 to 8 people
  1. Volunteer room leaders will ensure that participation does not exceed the room limits.
Neil Harrell
Queen City Balladeers, Leo Coffeehouse