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An Experiment in Online Feedback

To see what, if anything, could be done to develop online feedback, I uploaded a recording of the song I wrote over the summer. The goal was not to showcase my song, but to illustrate how feedback can work and to see if we can keep the energy going in between workshops by using online feedback. 

Here’s the original recording.

Several people listened to the song and provided me with specific feedback during the collaborative. One thing that everyone agreed on was that I needed to slow down and enunciate better.  I’ve re-recorded the tune, making several of the other changes suggested as well. 

There’s still room for improvement, and I’m not sure I slowed it down at all, but I didn’t want to spend too much trying to get it perfect.

Here’s a pdf with the lyrics and my comments about the changes I made based on the feedback and discussion at the collaborative. 

Link to Long Lost Feedback

Long Lost Takes His Shoes Off


Again, the purpose is not to showcase my song, but to illustrate the feedback process.If you want to get online feedback for a song you’ve written, leave a comment below and will figure out how to get it posted.


Eric Hansen

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