Songwriters’ Collaborative

The Songwriters’ Collaborative meets on the second Sunday of the month. 

The goals of the collaborative are to:

  • Inspire songwriting
  • Generate good feedback

When it comes to feedback, we try to avoid “That song’s great,” and “That song sucks.” Guidelines for feedback include:

  • Here’s what struck me about the song.
  • Here’s what I liked about the song.
  • Here’s what I think you could do to improve the song.
  • Any other comments.

Another guideline is that the writer-performer can ask for feedback in particular areas, such as:

  • Does the story in the song make sense?


  • What can I do to make this musically more interesting?


  • Kill my babies — meaning be as brutal as you want to be, I can take it.

At one of our first meetings, we all received some specific suggestions for making our songs better as well as valuable feedback that we could apply to any song, including:

  • Simplify a line that seems to be filled with too many words by eliminating filler words such as of, with, or the.
  • Use concrete imagery and action verbs. For example, instead of “has a faded summer smile” use “wears a faded smile.”
  • Use words and images that evoke sensations or involve the senses. For example, everyone can relate to the line “takes his shoes off and wriggles his toes.” 

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