The Queen City Balladeers Library of Resources and Member Exchange

Welcome to the Queen City Balladeers Library.  The purpose of the library is to make books, magazines, CDs, and other media available in order to educate, inform, and inspire QCB members.  These materials will include various media owned by the QCB and individual members, who have generously offered materials for lending to other members. The table below contains a list of resources owned by the Balladeers or by some of our members.  Here’s how it works.

  1. Browse the list below.
  2. If you find something you like, use the form below to make your request.
  3. If the resource is member-owned, our librarian will put you in touch with the owner so you can work out the details of the exchange.
  4. If the resource is Balladeer owned, it will be available for pickup at the Leo Coffeehouse on Sunday night.

For Sing Out and Acoustic Guitar magazines, please refer to the following links .  These links take you directly to the magazine’s website archives so you can review the content of various issues of each magazine.  You can then request that issue from the QCB Library.  With a few exceptions, we only go back to 1994 for Sing Out back-issues.  NOTE: The most current issue of either magazine  will not be loaned, so that more people may have access to it at the Leo Coffee House.

Sing Out Magazine          

Acoustic Guitar Magazine

There is also a small collection of materials available for browsing and borrowing at the Leo Coffee House.  These are listed in the table below with the Leo as holder. Note: There are also some photo albums with photos from QCB past.  These are available for browsing at the Leo, but not available for borrowing.

Holder Title Media Out/In
Eric Hansen Guitar Tricks Book – Instructional In
LEO Sing Out Magazine In
Al Peck Acoustic Guitar Magazine In
Spencer Funk Playing the Blues CD – Instructional In
Dennis Iverson Judy Collins Songbook In
Dennis Iverson James Taylor Songbook In
Dennis Iverson Hank Williams Songbook In
Dennis Iverson Bob Dylan Songbook In
Dennis Iverson Willie Nelson Songbook In
Dennis Iverson Eric Clapton Unplugged Songbook In
Dennis Iverson Butch Baldassari; 30 Fiddle Tunes for mandolin Book & CDs In
LEO George Gershwin’s Greatest Hits Songbook In
LEO Jumping, Laughing, and Resting; Children’s Songs Songbook In
LEO Something to Sing About Songbook In
LEO Rolling Stone: American Roots Music Book – Text & Photos In
LEO Hardcore Troubadour: Life of Steve Earle Book – Bio In
LEO The American Songbag; Carl Sandburg Songbook In
LEO Kingdom of Zydeco Book – History In
LEO Shaking the Pumpkin: Traditional Poetry of Indians of North Americas Book In
LEO Folkways Record Reprint: Ohio State Ballads Songbook In
LEO Assorted Sheet Music Sheet Music In
LEO OverEasy Collection; Various Artists CD In
LEO matter of life & death; Don Charles & Dab Gessner CD In
LEO I Hear Your Voice; Joe Jencks CD In
LEO Taste of Triple A; Various Artists CD In
LEO Western Medicine; Graveblankets CD In
LEO Illusions; Kim Buchanan CD In
LEO Fish Road; Common Cents CD In
LEO Road Dog and more train songs; Len’s Lounge CD In
LEO Oktober County; Neal Hellman CD In
LEO All for the Sake of Love; Walter Craft CD In
LEO Do You Like the Rain; Stan Sullivan CD In
LEO Moments of Wonder; Kathy Hussey CD In
LEO Big Red; Hugh Blumenfeld CD In
 LEO  Songs from Canal Days; Bill Schilling and Linda Sigismondi CD In
LEO Come On People; Brother Henry CD In
LEO Anonymous; Kie RAN McGee CD In
LEO String Band; Len’s Lounge CD In
LEO Always Home; Bob Bellamy and Wendy Barlow CD In
LEO Escondida; Jolie Holland CD In
LEO Circles and Arrows; CD In
LEO Dream of the Manatee; Neal Hellman and Joe Weed CD In
LEO Folk Song Collection; From Cincinnati’s Leo Coffeehouse 1976 LP In

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