Leo Coffeehouse October 6, 2019

Here’s what’s on the schedule for the Leo Coffeehouse this Sunday:

MC: Carol Cohn

5:30 – 6:45 PM: Open Jam Founders Hall downstairs. Musicians bring songs to lead in the circle, others provide backup and harmony. This jam continues upstairs during the concert.

5:30 – 6:45 PM:  Ukulele Jam Bring your ukulele along with favorite chord and lyrics sheets to share with others (~10 copies). Also bring questions and/or playing tips. Play a little…learn a little. All levels.

7:00 PM (1st set): Open Mic  3 10-minute slots. 

7 :30 PM (2nd set): John Fonner John has become the premier tenor guitar player in his neighborhood, perhaps even in his own zip code! John writes and sings the kind of songs that went out of style a generation or two ago. Somebody famous probably said it before but John believes he coined the phrase, “If folks sing it, it must be folk music!”  Please indulge him.

8:00 PM: Coffee break

8:15 PM (3rd set): Back Porch Hounds Frank Finch, Dennis Henderson, Fred Hautau, Dale Farmer and Melissa Blowers  bring diverse musical backgrounds together to perform a unique mix of blues, bluegrass, Celtic and jazz.

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