Leo Coffeehouse May 20, 2018

Here’s what’s on the schedule for the Leo Coffeehouse this Sunday:

MC: Dennis Bonavita

EARLY JAM: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM Rise Up Singing

5:30 – 6:45 PM:
Open Jam: Founder’s Hall. All welcome.
Workshop: Songwriting workshop with Mark Stuart! The workshop will address: Cutting out the clutter; Adding that “magic” chord/taking out excess chords; Editing and re-writing many drafts over time to sculpt a great song; Stepping out of your norm and trying other types of songs or styles; The value in co-writing, learning how to be a “song doctor” to another writer’s piece and how to accept their ideas into your piece. Free to members.

7:00 PM (1st set):  Open Mic
3 10-minute sets

7:30 PM (2nd set): Tender Bastard

“His writing is like Jack Kerouac and Douglas Adams. There’s a thin line between sexiness and absurdity and Mr. Mastro is determined to find it.” ~ Tony Norman ~ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A lyrical, personable style makes tenderbastard performances memorably enjoyable. Topical, humorous, dead-on, tenderbastard mines the humanity of the spirit to make a song-and-story celebration onstage.

8:00 PM: Coffee break

8:15 PM (3rd set): Mark Stuart

Mark Stuart returns for a workshop and set at Leo! Having taken his music to Europe, UK, Canada, and all of USA for decades, the Nashville native will captivate audiences with his songs, singing, and guitarmanship. The Americana/Folk veteran serves up songs from his Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart CDs, solo CDs, AND reflects on his journey in music.

Join him at 5:30p for a songwriting workshop.


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