Leo Coffeehouse March 11, 2018

Here’s what’s on the schedule for the Leo Coffeehouse this Sunday:

MC: Jeff Braun 

5:30 – 6:45 PM:
Open Jam: Founder’s Hall. All welcome.
Songwriters’ Collaborative: Anyone interested in songwriting welcome. Upstairs room TBD.

7:00 PM (1st set):  Miriam & Friends

Miriam Stenson (clarinet), Dave Gilligan (harmonica and guitar), and Jim Lindenschmidt (piano) will be playing Blues, Jazz, and Dave Gilligan originals.

7:30 PM (2nd set): Lisak & Rowe

Songwriters Lisak and Rowe harmonize their songs about life in the Ohio River Valley, a la Gillian Welch and Dave Rollins.

8:00 PM: Coffee break

8:15 PM (3rd set):  Raison D’Etre


Celebrating their 27th year of singing together, Raison D’Etre specializes in adding three-part harmony to swing, traditional, and originals.

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