Leo Coffeehouse January 12, 2020

Here’s what’s on the schedule for the Leo Coffeehouse this Sunday:


5:30 PM: Open Jam Founders Hall downstairs. Musicians bring songs to lead in the circle, others provide backup and harmony. This jam continues upstairs during the concert.

5:30 PM: Songwriter’s Collaborative Goals are to inspire songwriting and provide constructive  feedback. Here’s what struck me about your song… 

7:00 PM (1st set): Dennis Allen Dennis Allen loves traditional folk and string band music and was compelled to start writing songs during the 2016 election. He has performed at open mics, progressive political events and some local festivals.

7:30 PM (2nd set): Two Blue

8:15 PM (3rd set):  Jim’s Red Pants Rick and Hillary Wagner return with fiddle and hardanger duets, bouzouki, an original vocal or two; some of their favorite Celtic tunes.  

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