Leo Coffeehouse February 9, 2020

Here’s what’s on the schedule for the Leo Coffeehouse this Sunday: 

5:30 PM Open Jam Founders Hall downstairs. Musicians bring songs to lead in the circle, others provide backup and harmony. This jam continues upstairs during the concert.

5:30 PM Songwriter’s Collaborative Goals are to inspire songwriting and provide constructive  feedback. Here’s what struck me about your song… 

7:00 PM Lynette  Jolicoeur and Larry Jett Together they are the Jett Set,  two self-styled musicians who make their way around the local winery/restaurant scene sharing their interpretations of country covers and originals. Lynette will perform her own originals and highlight some favorite covers with Larry supporting with harmonies and lead guitar.

7:30 PM  Dave Gilligan Long-time local musician and songwriter who has played with Ma Crow & the Flock, Dark Moll, and many other bands. Enjoy Dave in a solo set.

8:15 PM Ellie Fabe Ellie Fabe is a singer/songwriter whose songs create an intimate portrait of longing and love; as an interpreter of memory and nostalgia, she has a sound all her own. (If pressed, she calls it alternative folk.) She’s performed three years  at the 30A Songwriters Festival down in Florida!  www.elliefabe.com

Spread The Word About The Balladeers You can be on the Balladeers “Street Team” and help spread the word about who we are and what we do. To learn more about helping to promote the Balladeers (with some links to information about using social media to promote anything) click Help Market the QCB.

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