Leo Coffeehouse February 25, 2018

Here’s what’s on the schedule for the Leo Coffeehouse this Sunday:

MC: Diane Nahallage

5:30 – 6:45 PM:
*NEW!* Big Bang Jam: Upstairs Room TBD. All welcome.
Open Jam: Founder’s Hall. All welcome.
Workshop: Beginning fiddle workshop with Rick & Hillary Wagner of Jim’s Red Pants: Playing Tunes for the Almost Beginner.

7:00 PM (1st set):  Kryst Kruer (Youtube)
“Ukulele will save the world!” – Kryst Kruer has been a Tri-State vocalist and musician for almost a decade. She plays a rockin’ jazzy folk ukulele. Youth music educator and young mama bear, she hopes music will bring comfort to the lost and broken hearted. Lyrically she inspires others to peruse their own dreams for the future. A Leo Debut!

7:30 PM (2nd set): Tom Laskey
Active QCB member, Tom dreamed of a career in music from the minute he began playing the guitar. He pursued his dream by studying at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. He paid his dues as a professional musician by embarking on a 12-year stint performing live at restaurants, bars, and weddings in New York City. Tom’s love for music never faded, and he brings his love back to the Leo.

8:00 PM: Coffee break

8:15 PM (3rd set):  Jim’s Red Pants
Rick and Hillary Wagner return with fiddle and hardanger duets, bouzouki, an original vocal or two, & some of their favorite Celtic tunes.

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