Leo Coffeehouse back to virtual… for now!


Hello All,

I hope that everyone is doing, and staying, well.

With the current surge in COVID-19, we have seen attendance drop off at our workshops at Zion UCC.  We have decided to move the workshops and the Rise Up Singing group back to Zoom.  Dick Males will continue to host the live song circle on Sunday at Zion for those who wish to attend.  

With our vaccination and masking requirements, we believe we have made our gatherings at Zion as safe as possible, however, people need to use their own judgment in deciding whether to attend in person at Zion, or not.

As always, check our calendar of events on this website for more information, Zoom links, and the location—virtual on Zoom or live at Zion—of all our events.

Neil Harrell
QCB/Leo Coffeehouse

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