The Queen City Balladeers’ first annual KidSong workshop and sing-along was a rip-roaring success! Twenty-one children and sixteen parents and grandparents sang folk songs, tried musical instruments, made maracas, and wrote a group folk song entitled “Winter on the Ohio.”

Modern family folk musician April Eight (AKA April Combs) led the program. She was backed by a “house band” of Balladeers, including Chuck Black (double bass), Chris Bieri (bongo), Linda Eads (guitar), Dennis Iverson (ukulele & banjo-uke), Jody Knoop (mandolin), and Dave Sanders (guitar & banjo).

View some of the activities in this slideshow.


Winter On the Ohio

It snowed so hard that it froze our toes,
Grandmaw knit me mittens ’cause the cold wind blows,
It snowed so hard that it blew the crows,
We tried to buy hot chocolate but the stores were closed.
And that was our winter on the Ohio.

The ice was aquiver as it flowed down the river,
The water in the troughs made the horses shiver,
The snow was so pretty and so was the sky,
The stars were frozen, as were you and I.
And that was our winter on the Ohio.

Major thanks to Chris Bieri for her vision, fund raising, management, enthusiasm, hard work & team building.It was a great event and she should be very proud of the results.

If you’d like to join the fun at KidSong 2015, contact Chris using the QCB Contact Us page.

Behind the scenes helpers included Pete Armstrong, Karen Dilley, Eric Hovemeyer, Barb Iverson, and Eric Hansen

KidSong was presented by the QCB in collaboration with Cincinnati Art Museum, which graciously provided the Artworld Education Center for the event. We recieved financial support via a Summertime Kids Grant from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation.