Folknotes, March 15, 2021

Folknotes, March 15, 2021
From: Neil Harrell, President Queen City Balladeers
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Subject: QCB News
Facebook Live Performances
Our live weekly performances on the QCB Members Facebook Group page have been going well.  It’s been a lot of fun seeing and hearing everyone play from afar.  John Fonner started us off, Dave Mason, Dean Vamvas and John Mann followed.  This week, I (Neil) will be playing playing at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, March 17.  Next week, Dave Mason’s friend, Art Grossman will play at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, March 23.  
The link to the Members group page is:
Click on “Events” and then the event you want to watch.  You can also watch each performance later on Facebook.  Also note that anyone can watch the performances, but only members can comment.  Anyone with an interest in QCB can join.  Just ask, preferably some time before a performance begins, and unless we determine that you’re a Russian troll, we’ll approve your membership.  
If you’d like to perform a half-hour to hour long Facebook live set yourself, please contact John Mann at
Appointment of 2nd New Board Member
Last month I announced that Sharon Riegler had been appointed Secretary on the QCB Board.  This month I am equally happy to announce that Ed Riegler has been appointed as librarian on the QCB Board.  Ed replaces Mike Boerschig who resigned for personal reasons.  The QCB board would like to thank both Sharon and Ed for volunteering to help with running the QCB Board and Mike for his past service.
Note: We plan to hold an board member election sometime prior to fall, 2021, when, hopefully we will be able to start meeting at Leo in person again. 
3rd Sunday Zing-Along Song Leaders/Performers (Janice Alvarado)
Looking for an opportunity to perform your choice of songs to a very appreciative audience? You select around 20 well known or easy-to-sing songs which you perform on Zoom. I’ll post the lyrics so singers can sing along (muted). Grab a musician friend if you’d like to share the spotlight. Contact Janice at with questions and to sign up.
Website Update
We are still looking for someone with experience to help update the QCB website.  Since we haven’t found an internal volunteer, we are looking for suggestions for someone who has experience updating a WordPress website hosted on GoDaddy.  This would be a paying gig, but we are a relatively poor non-profit, so, hopefully, it won’t require a lot of work.  Of course, only someone with experience would know how much work it would take.  The website is still functional, so the need isn’t pressing, but it would be nice to bring it up to current standards.  Contact Neil with suggestions.
QCB Zoom Events
Note: The Friday song circle has been moved from the 2nd to the 1st Friday, and in at least one case, the Friday before the 1st Saturday (see the QCB Calendar of Events).
All our QCB Zoom events are listed on the QCB calendar of events. You’ll find descriptions and direct zoom links for each event at: 
Our current lineup of QCB Zoom meetings:
1st Friday Song Circle, 7:30 PM, 
Leader: Neil Harrell,
(Moved from 2nd Friday)
1st Saturday, Tech/Gear Workshop, 7:00 PM, 
Leader: John Fonner,
1st Sunday, Ukulele Jam, 5:30 PM, 
Leader: John Mann,
2nd Sunday, Songwriters Collaborative, 5:30 PM, 
Leader: John Fonner,
2nd Sunday, Zoom Open Mic, 
Leader: Neil Harrell,
7:00 PM: Sign up and audio check.
7:15-7:30 PM: Music starts.
3rd Sunday, Zing Along, 2:00 PM, 
Leader: Janice Alvarado,
3rd Sunday, Guitar Roundtable, 5:30 PM, 
Leader: Mike Helm,
4th Saturday Song Circle, 7:30 PM, 
Leader: Neil Harrell,
4th Sunday, Old Time Jam, 5:30 PM, 
Leader: Chuck Black, 
5th Sunday, Zoom Open Mic, (Next one is May 30)
Leader: Neil Harrell,
7:00 PM: Sign up and audio check.
7:15-7:30 PM: Music starts.

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