Folknotes, February 3, 2021

From: Neil Harrell, President Queen City Balladeers
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Subject: QCB News
Appointment of New Secretary
I am happy to announce that Sharon Riegler has been appointed Secretary on the QCB Board.  Both Sharon and Ed Riegler volunteered to help with QCB, which led to Sharon’s appointment.  They have both attended a number of our Zoom board meetings and, as relatively new members, have been very helpful in our discussions about keeping QCB running during the pandemic.  The QCB board would like to thank both Sharon and Ed for their participation.
Note: Due to the pandemic we were unable to hold a normal election at the end of last year.  Most board members volunteered to continue in their positions this year.  The secretary position was open and our constitution allows for the appointment of new board members between elections.  We plan to hold a new election sometime prior to fall, 2021, when, hopefully we will be able to start meeting at Leo in person again.  
QCB Members Explore using Jam Software Jamulus
 From Dick Males:
Jamulus is free collaborative music performance software that allows people to play together through their computers in different locations.   It does not have the limitations of Zoom, where only one person can play while everyone else must remain muted.  We hear each other and play together, very much like a small band rehearsal.  To make this work, Jamulus operates as audio only without video.
A small group within QCB has used Jamulus successfully over the past couple of months to play and jam together.  While this is a different experience from our get togethers at Leo, those of us who have participated have found it very enjoyable and worthwhile.  For those who have learned to use Jamulus we are going to have regular Jamulus playing sessions on Dean’s server on Thursdays, 7pm to 9 pm starting February 4.  Note that these are not workshops, but actual playing.  Those who already know how to use Jamulus can also log in just to listen.
For those interested in checking this out, we are offering tutorial workshops.  If you are interested, please get in touch with Dean Kotchka ( and Dick Males (, and we will provide additional information.  If you would like a workshop for your band, or other group of people you play with, to see how Jamulus works, let us know and we will schedule something specifically for your group.
Live Performances on QCB Members Facebook Group
Dave Mason and John Mann are two of our members who have been having fun performing on various Facebook Live broadcasts around the country and world.  Now that we have a pretty full schedule of weekend Zoom events on our calendar, John Mann suggested that we explore Facebook live videos on the QCB Members Group page.  Ed Riegler volunteered to help John coordinate this program.  A few of you may have seen John’s test Facebook live performance last night.  It turns out it is pretty simple to do for anyone who has some experience with Facebook.  To avoid competing with our weekend Zoom programs, we are scheduling these performances on weeknights.
Here are more details from John and Ed:
We are starting a new project here in the Queen City Balladeers Members Facebook Group.  Since performing options are limited still because of COVID-19, we want to provide the opportunity to perform live on Facebook for the members in our group. Each week we will feature a performer doing a set on our Facebook page.  Sets usually would be between a half hour to an hour.  We plan to ask you to do a promo for your concert using Facebook live.  It’s relatively easy to do and we will provide instructions.  
Our first performer will be John Fonner, 7 pm on Thursday, February 11, 2021!
If you are interested in sharing your music live with the group, please contact John Mann or Ed Riegler through Messenger or email (John: or Ed:  The schedule will be posted on the Queen City Balladeers Member’s Page.  Hope to hear from you!
Leaders for 3rd Sunday Zing Alongs
Janice Alvarado is looking for song leaders/singer/musicians to help lead the songs at Rise Up Singing sing alongs.  You’ll play and sing songs from provided song charts while other attendees sing along at home with their Zoom audio feed muted. Contact Janice Alvarado at for more information.
Problems Locating QCB Calendar of Events
I figured out two solutions to the menu not appearing on smart phones when going to the QCB website.  When I go to the QCB website on my iPhone, the Menu does not appear on the bottom right corner of the top banner.  I discovered that if I scroll down a little on the opening page, and then scroll back up, the menu appears.  Click on the menu and it will open a list that includes the calendar of events.
The second thing you can do is click on the word “Full” in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  This will open the website as it would appear on a computer.  The Calendar of Events will appear in the menu right beneath the blue and white QCB logo.
QCB Zoom Events
All our QCB Zoom events are listed on the QCB calendar of events. You’ll find descriptions and direct zoom links for each event at: 
Our current lineup of QCB Zoom meetings:
1st Saturday, Tech/Gear Workshop, 7:00 PM, 
Leader: John Fonner,
1st Sunday, Ukulele Jam, 5:30 PM, 
Leader: John Mann,
2nd Friday Song Circle, 7:30 PM, 
Leader: Neil Harrell,
2nd Sunday, Songwriters Collaborative, 5:30 PM, 
Leader: John Fonner,
2nd Sunday, Zoom Open Mic, 
Leader: Neil Harrell,
7:00 PM: Sign up and audio check.
7:15-7:30 PM: Music starts.
3rd Sunday, Zing Along, 2:00 PM, 
Leader: Janice Alvarado,
3rd Sunday, Guitar Roundtable, 5:30 PM, 
Leader: Mike Helm,
4th Saturday Song Circle, 7:30 PM, 
Leader: Neil Harrell,
4th Sunday, Old Time Jam, 5:30 PM, 
Leader: Chuck Black,
5th Sunday, Zoom Open Mic, (Next one is May 30)
Leader: Neil Harrell,
7:00 PM: Sign up and audio check.
7:15-7:30 PM: Music starts.

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