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The Queen City Balladeers contact information:

Send snail mail to our post office box:

Queen City Balladeers
Post Office Box 9044

Cincinnati 45209

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QCB Volunteers

As an all volunteer organization, the Queen City Balladeers depends on the willing cooperation of a number of people, among them performers, emcees, and hospitality teams (those people who serve coffee and bring treats). We all gratefully acknowledge and thank them all for their effort.

In addition, there are a number of volunteers who work individually and together behind the scenes to make the Queen City Balladeers a successful organization. These include the QCB Board of Directors and Volunteers in Charge of Something, such as our web site or other volunteers.

The QCB Board

President: Neil Harrell
Vice-president: John Fonner
Treasurer: Janice Alvarado
Historian: Mike Boerschig
Support Team Representative: Dick Males
Secretary: Chris Bieri

Volunteers in Charge of Something

Booking Sets: Spencer Funk
Emcee Coordinator: John Fonner
Social Media Coordinators: Neil Harrell (Facebook), Kabir Bakie (Meetup)
Hospitality Coordinator: OPEN
Sound: Al Peck, Neil Harrell
Library: Mike Boerschig
Membership: Janice Alvaredo
Newsletter: Alana Johnson
Web Site: Scott Nutter
Outreach: Chris Bieri
Public Relations And Marketing: David Johnson

Use the contact form below to send comments or questions directly to a QCB Board Member or Volunteer in Charge of Something, or select Information for a general email to the Balladeers.

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