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The Bulletin Board — 5 Comments

  1. From Warren Huff:

    There is a 2004 Enquirer obituary for J. Henry Miller who was the
    director of the UC branch YMCA when the Balladeers were first
    organized. You might want to include some of this information on your
    history page.

    The Cincinnati Enquirer
    Monday, October 4, 2004
    J. Henry Miller, YMCA leader

    Honored by UC, national fraternity
    By Mary Lu Listermann
    Enquirer staff writer
    WITHAMSVILLE – J. Henry Miller helped others in body, mind and spirit
    through his work with the YMCA. He also enjoyed collecting iron toys
    and mechanical banks.
    “As a little boy, he was digging in the dirt with his feet. His toe
    struck a little iron truck,” said his Madeline Miller. “He carried it
    home, treasuring it his whole life. We still have it. His collection
    today amounts to about 100 iron toys.”
    Mr. Miller, formerly of Withamsville, died Monday at age 92.
    Mr. Miller’s career with the YMCA spanned 44 years. He began with the
    organization as a counselor in Virginia, advancing to the position of
    executive director at the University branch of the YMCA of Greater
    Cincinnati, where he stayed for 27 years.
    During his years at the University branch, he helped organize the
    Queen City Balladeers and the Wise Owl Coffeehouse.
    “Dad took my sister and me to many events at the Y. It was great
    exposure for us. We learned how to ballroom dance, and we met many
    interesting people through the international celebrations and dinners
    they had,” his daughter said.
    When he retired in 1979, Mr. Miller was honored with the Award of
    Excellence during University of Cincinnati graduation exercises. He
    was the first non-faculty member to receive the award, his daughter
    Mr. Miller was a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. At the
    national convention in 1985, he was awarded with a citation and medal
    of distinguished service, which is the highest honor for service to
    the fraternity, according to his daughter. In 1995, Ohio Epsilon gave
    a scholarship in his name.
    “Dad always had a pipe in his mouth and a smile on his face,” his
    daughter said. “When we named my son after him, the president of UC,
    Henry Winkler, wrote my newborn son a letter. He told him how special
    my father was and to be proud to carry his name. That meant so much to
    Mr. Miller’s wife, Jeannette L. Rodgers Miller, died previously.
    Other survivors include another daughter, Dorothy J. Miller; five
    grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

  2. I would like to know if any QCB members would be interested in car-pooling to the Leo on Sundays or some Sundays. I am in Westwood, near Cheviot. Do any members or folks who attend the Leo live in my area or nearby who would be interested, or if I am on your way in or you are on my way in that might work too. I can share gas expense.


  3. When Michael Jonathan came to Leo’s a while back and talked about the Songfarmers network I was inspired to start a chapter here in New Richmond, Ohio. The first gathering will be on Saturday March 17 from 2:00 to 4:00. The folks at Songfarmers are helping me get it posted on the Facebook Songfarmers website and it will hopefully be up soon but I wanted to get the word out here as well.
    Mike Boerschig (513)553-2195

  4. does anyone have a drum machine for sale? My metronome is driving me crazy.

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