Benefits of membership in the Queen City Balladeers include:

  • Free admission to the Leo Coffeehouse
  • Reduced ticket prices to special concerts
  • Free admission to workshops

In addition, members elect officers and can attend board meetings to help set the direction for the Queen City Balladeers

QCB one-year membership rates:

  • Individual with a guest pass
  • Family/Household

The membership year that starts on September 1 of each year and ends August 31. The cost for memberships varies based on the time of year:

  • Anyone who joins between the opening Leo of the season and the end of December pays $20 for the current membership year.
  • Anyone who joins between January 1 and the last Leo of the season pays $10 for the current membership year.
  • Anyone who joins during the summer – essentially, that means at EdenSong — pays $20 for the membership year that will start the next September.

The family membership covers all family members who share a residence, including students who have not yet graduated from college. The single membership with guest pass allows the member to bring in one guest to any evening at the Leo.

We offer three ways to join:

One: Online

Click the Join button to join and pay online. 

Join the Balladeers



Two: By Mail

Download the membership form by clicking here:

After downloading and completing the membership form, mail it, along with a check for the appropriate amount made out to the Queen City Balladeers and a stamped self-addressed envelope (for your membership card), to:

Queen City Balladeers
P. O. Box 12827
Cincinnati, OH 45212

Three: In Person

Come to the Leo Coffeehouse and sign up there!